Ganesh Shankar

Director of Product Management @ Google

Hey! I'm Ganesh,I speak and write on all things Product Management. Using real-world stories to share practical tips, I'll aim to get a laugh or two out of you while exploring the highlights and lowlights of life as a Product Manager.I've been working in the tech industry for ~15 years. I started out as a biomedical/electrical engineer, designing embedded systems for the medical industry. Discovering a passion for rapid innovation, I banded together with some friends, founded a startup building online education platforms and spent a year living as a digital nomad in Southeast Asia.A serendipitous encounter with a Googler while on a diving trip in Vietnam led to me landing my dream job as a product manager. I’ve been at Google for 10+ years, and have worked on the Workspace, Social Impact, Corporate Engineering and Content Safety Platform teams while living in Australia, the UK, Germany and Canada, respectively.I’m deeply interested in the intersection of technology and humanity, and try to make the world a better place by developing products that solve real-world problems in humanitarian crisis response, DEI, culture and community, and online safety.Topics I speak and write about are below. If you’d like to engage me as a speaker, please reach out on LinkedIn.


  • Product Led Alliance Summit Keynote: From resistance to resonance: Mastering internal stakeholder buy-in for product influence

  • Product School Webinar: Growing as a PM in the Course of Your Career

  • Good Strategy / Bad Strategy: Practical tips to improve strategic planning

  • Guest Lecture UCLA MBA program: Product Discovery - Building Products for Ebola Management Centres

  • Tech Leadership Workshop: Effective Decision Making

  • Team Culture Days: Building Healthy Teams

  • Google Munich Days: Tech Leadership Panel

  • A survival guide to change

  • PM, UX and Engineering: How to develop effective collaboration and mind-share

  • Google for Entrepreneurs Workshop: How to use Design Sprints Effectively

  • Google for Entrepreneurs: Building Products at Google